JOK's Duncan Archer wins Elite at the OMM

JOKer Duncan Archer won the Elite Race at the 2011 Original Mountain Marathon which took place last weekend. Duncan was
running with Shane Ohly. Only 13 seconds separated the first and second teams, after two days of OMMing through the tough (and very
wet) Scottish terrain.

See pics and videos here:

Duncan is making a habit of winning mountain marathons, after also winning the LAMM Elite race earlier this year.

Congrats to Duncan, and also all other JOKers who took part in this year's race.

Varsity Match 2011

With some nice spring weather (there had been snow in the Czech Republic about two weeks before that!), we had a great few days training on sandstone areas, getting used to the terrain and glad that we had some opportunity to do that before going on to the race.

The race was held on Supi Hora in Strezivojice. In the main race, the victors were the Oxford men (Hodkinson, Cherry, Stevens, Potesil) in 5:07:18 versus Cambridge's 5:30:28 and the Cambridge women (Rocke, Stevens, Strakova) in 3:06:59 versus Oxford's 3:56:55. The individual winners were Peter Hodikinson, Oxford (2nd Matt Halliday CAM, 3rd Alan Cherry OXF, but all beaten by Czech guest runner Pavel Prochazka) and Mairead Rocke, Cambridge (2nd Vicky Stevens CAM, 3rd Anne Edwards OXF).

In the JOK versus DrongO race, counting 2 men and 1 woman, the JOK team of Catmur, Marsden, Sinclair defeated the DrongO team of Buxton, Collis, Collis by about 35 minutes. The 40th annivesary trophies for the best alumnus/alumna performances were awarded in their iangural year to Ed Catmur and Blanka Collis.

The beer race trophy was won by Oxford.

Full results, including the relays, Routegadget, splits, etc., can be found on and will in due course be on the DrongO website, as will undoubtedly be some photos.

See you in the forest somewhere,


JOKer 8th in Ski-WOC

Ali Crocker (USA) came 8th in this year's classic race at Ski-WOC in Sweden. Ali completed her astrophysics DPhil in Oxford just over a year ago. Ali commented:

"Woooooooooooooooooo! 8th! So so psyched! =) I was hoping to crack the top 20 again today, so super-duper happy with at top 10 result!"

Official results are online and photos and comments can be found on the USA team's blog.

Chasing Sprint Results

Results, splits, RouteGadget, photos and other goodies from the 2011 JOK Chasing Sprint are now available on the event page.

OUOC 40th Anniversary Dinner

On Saturday 29th January 2011, 70 current and former members of OUOC gathered in Trinity College to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the club. A drinks reception was followed by an excellent dinner in hall, with some guests heading out to relive their student evenings at the Purple Turtle later on.

Click the images to download a full-size version.

More photos are available below:
Nailest's photos

Green Belt Way results

The Southern loop of Jon Cross; Peter Huzan; Liz Cross; Liz Cross (again!) and Jon Marsden won against the Northern loop run by Ed Catmur; Luke McNeill; Steve Fisher; Scott Collier and Stewart Dutsfield in a time of 3 hours 52 minutes for 40km and 345m of climb. The time for the Northern loop was 4 hours 27 minutes 51 for 44km and 225m of climb.

Both Liz and Scott had their distance more or less doubled from the original plans and Liz even cycled Jon M's bike to the finish in addition. Daniel appeared to want to take his mother on another 14km of running around the pub car park in all directions after that! Thanks for the heroic efforts. Thanks also to those who ran early as this allowed people who needed to get away promptly to take part. The bypass was bathed in a strange orange light as I drove over to the start (sunrise!).

Thanks to Roger for ferrying and timing on the Northern loop and therefore not doing as much cycling as he might have liked.

Both Scott and Steve substantially beat their predicted times. Freya was oblivious to her father beating the schedule but impressed by the horse at the Thrupp changeover. Her mother had to deal with requests to go 'back horse' for the rest of the day (and beyond for all I know)!

Jon Cross was very close to his predicted time but faces strong competition from Liz who was within 2 seconds of the predicted time for the Abingdon to Radley leg - pity that was a prediction for Ant!

Overall, all good fun and worth doing again. Perhaps OUOC can be persuaded to get out of bed another time?! TVOC might also want to join in.

Eilidh Connor

Eilidh Connor was born on 28th September, 8lb 4oz. All are well and she is growing fast and she has even been out orienteering!

2010 JOK Champions

Congratulations to Nick Barrable and Pippa Archer who are the new JOK champions following their fine runs at the Park World Tour race in Perth on Saturday (where Nick was 8th overall in the men's race and Pippa 4th in the women's race).

Both also were too good for the handicapper and as a result repeated their double by also taking the JOK Handicap Champion trophies, Nick taking the men's Bloater Trophy and Pippa the JOKstrap Trophy.

Thanks also to Tim and CJ for all their efforts in sorting things out for this weekend!

JOK Handicap Championships results:


Nick Barrable 15:11
Ed Catmur 15:36
Duncan Archer 15:42
Ben Stansfield 15:46
Paul Thornton 15:56
Jon Cross 16:33
Steve Wilson 17:01
Tim Smith 21:00
Tim Day 16:31 DSQ missed #18
Eddie Harwood 17:26 DSQ missed #6


Pippa Archer 16:12
Christine Smith 17:27
Heather Walton 18:20

Belated announcement

Finlay Noah Day was safely delivered to this world on Friday 29th January, weighing 7lb 14oz, at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. It was a text-book birth, if slightly overdue, and Helen and Finlay are doing well.

Rory and Archie are delighted with their little brother and we look forward to getting back into Orienteering sometime.

Chasing Sprint results

Results and splits (Prologue | Chase) are now available for this year's Chasing Sprint.