Chasing Sprint Final Details

Final Details (updated with corrections at 10pm on 27 January) and Start Times are now available for the 2010 Chasing Sprint.

JOK Chasing Spring 2013

Chasing Sprint entries open

The 2010 JOK Chasing Sprint will take place on 31st January on Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat as part of the EUOC Burns weekend. Entries are now open via OEntries. Any queries, please email

Announcing the birth of...

our second daughter: Torun Jørgensen

Born 1:41am on the 14th November weighing 3.2 kg ( 7 lb 1, I think) with a length of 48 cm.

She was born about 35 minutes after we got to hospital and about an hour and a half after I woke up and wondered if I was starting labour. The speed was OK with me but not her and she suffered foetal distress which was a bit scarey for a while. But apart from that (which was cleared within a few minues of her birth) she doesn't seem to have suffered to much from her mother's efforts at Oringen or the Scottish 6 days.

Best wishes
Jenni and Carsten, Kaia (very proud big sister) and Torun.

Currie's Out

Duncan CurrieDuncan CurrieChristine and David Currie are happy to announce the arrival of a brother for Emma. Duncan Christopher Currie was born on Saturday 3 October at 6.07am weighing just under 9lbs. Mother and child are both doing well and were home later that day. Hopefully you'll see Duncan out on his first string course in the very near future. You can read all of the gory details here!

DrongO beat JOK

DrongO organised this year's Varisty Match with the Individual taking place at Epping Forest and the Relays at Great Northaw Wood. Oxford took both the Mens and Womens team trophies (Liz Bridge also winning Womens A) with Cambridge winning the team prize Mens B. Sadly DrongO made up for their lack of numbers by having better runs and won out over JOK for the first time since 2003 (although there was some controversy over an incorrectly placed control). Full results can be found on the DrongO website.

No April Fool

Kate, Simon and Sam were joined by a new baby boy on April 1st.

It took them a couple of days, but they settled on Alexander as his name – in full, Alexander Emil Kilpatrick Hunt.

For those of you interested in the full details, he weighed 3.88kg and was 54cm long when he was born. They are all enjoying his company, and after getting over the initial trauma of birth, he seems to be having a nice time learning about the world. He eats a lot and is showing signs of being quite a good sleeper (fingers crossed).

Sam is overcoming the initial disappointment that Alexander can't yet play at trains with him, and is beginning to enjoy the delights of having a little baby brother.

Chasing Sprint final details posted

Final details for the Chasing Sprint can now be found here. Start times will be published on Sunday evening.

Charlotte Chapman

Charlotte Rose Chapman was born Wednesday 14th January at 3.30pm after 'only' 18 hours. Mo had wanted her to be late and further from Christmas but at 8lbs she was glad she came when she did!!! Her Dad is a nappy changing machine but Mark has bath time and some awake time to bond before returning to work.

Chasing Sprint entries open

Online entries for the 2009 JOK Chasing Sprint are now open.