Chasing Sprint

JOK puts on an annual event called the Chasing Sprint. The event consists of two parts: the prologue followed by the chase. The start times for the chase are determined by the results from the prologue in such a way that the first person to cross the finishing line is the overall winner.

2019 Chasing Sprint

Entries are now open for the 2019 JOK Chasing Sprint, to be held on Friday 28th June at 4pm in Callendar Park, Falkirk. The race will be televised by the BBC Scotland Adventure Show.

Roll of Honour

Year Venue Open Veteran Junior Piglets
2018 Delamere Forest / Linmere & Pale Heights Iain Embrey Charlie Adams (M40+) Sam Crawshaw Daniel Wilson
Jonathan Emberton (M55+)
Richard Payne (M65+)
Zoe Harding Amanda Crawshaw (W40+) Emma Weaver
Maggie Hateley (W55+)
Liz Godfree (W65+)
2016 Faskally Graham Gristwood David Godfree (M40+) Joseph Wright
James Crawford (M55+)
Tessa Strain Marsela McLeod (W40+) Lizzie Stansfield
Linda Pakuls (W55+)
2014 Birsemore Daniel Hubmann Jon Cross (M40+) Joseph Wright
Bob Cherry (M55+)
Hollie Orr Alison Harding (W40+) Kathryn Barr
Liz Campbell (W55+)
2013 Newborough Forest Sander Vaher Martin Bagness (M40+) Michael Hallett
James Crawford (M55+)
Heather Burrows Jackie Hallett (W40+) Elen Norris
Linda Pakuls (W55+)
2011 Shotover Country Park Matthew Crane Quentin Harding (M40+) Matthew Elkington
Peter Haines (M55+)
Tessa Hill Alice Bedwell (W40+) Sarah Jones
Kirsty Staunton (W55+)
2010 Holyrood Park Jegor Kostylev Dave Robertson (M40+) Alexander Chepelin
Eddie Harwood (M55+)
Hollie Orr Jane Ackland (W40+) Rona Lindsay
Pauline Mcadam (W55+)
2009 Whippendell Wood Matthew Crane Andrew Monro Peter Bray
Grace Elson Lesley Ross Katrin Harding
2008 Bloom Wood Matthew Crane Martin Ward Jonathan Crickmore
Sarah Rollins Jane Morgan Bryony Harding
2007 Banstead Heath Linus Kaisajuntti Martin Ward Kristian Jones
Liis Johanson Jane Halliday Alice Leake
2006 Bishop Woods Neil Northrop Michael Billinghurst Alan Cherry
Aislinn Austin Jackie Hallett Alice Leake
2005 Touch Estate Scott Fraser Michael Billinghurst Adam Bushnell
Claire Ward Marsela McLeod Erin Malley
2004 Sherwood Pines Alan Bogle Jonathan Emberton Adam Bushnell
Claire Ward Hilary Bloor Elizabeth Britton
2003 Hampton Ridge Ian Nixon John Rye Rhodri Buffett
Kim Buckley Mary O'Connell Ruth Holmes
2002 Dale Park Andy Kitchin Roger Coombs Duncan Coombs
Helen Hargreaves Stella Lewsley Freya Jagan
2001 Event cancelled due to nationwide ban on porcine movements
2000 Bishop Wood Dave Peel Charles Bromley-Gardner Graham Gristwood
Jenny James Frances Watkins Leona Brocklebank
1999 Holme Fell Ed Nash Mick Lucking Nicholas Pilsbury
Kim Buckley Anne Leaney Anna Jagan
1998 Stock Hill Jamie Stevenson Iain Rochford Nick Taylor
Kristin Hall Diane Leakey Lucie Moseley
1997 Barrowfield Jamie Stevenson John Rye Simon Ross
Jenny James Diane Leakey Heather Burrows
Xmas 1996 Devilla Dave Peel
Jenny James
1996 Blea Tarn Steve Nicholson
Jenny Whitehead
Xmas 1995 Sutton Park Stephen Palmer
Roz Clayton
1995 Shotover Park Ben Stansfield