JOK Chasing Sprint 2009 Officials' Comments


I thought the event went well and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. With only a small, in car park accident, to cause any problems. The weather allowed us all to enjoy the assembly field. The only potential problem was car parking, we just fitted in along the track but I don’t think the Scout Camp would have minded a few cars on the intended parking field. My job was made easy by other people doing everything for me and I don’t see now what made me feel busy in the weeks leading up to the event. The JOK team is expert at chasing sprints and it helps that everyone is happy to do multiple jobs and sacrifice runs. I would like to thank them all for helping. Special thank Jon Marsden for doing the SI, David Currie for the entries and web and of course Ollie and Simon for planning and controlling. I would also like to thank Lees Wood Scout camp for their assistance, Happy Herts OC for letting us borrow their area, Watford Borough Council for letting us use their wood and WAOC for letting us use their equipment.

Jacob Sharpe (JOK & HH)


It was great to see so many people at this year's Chasing Sprint - it certainly was a sprint this year, probably being the fastest ever area we've ever used. The sunshine and dry conditions made it even faster and we had a few sub-5min/k times. The forest certainly looked nice and there was just enough undergrowth to stop direct control-to-control running for all legs. The inclusion of the loop around the scout campsite area at the end of the chase was designed to force the fastest runners to concentrate just as the oxygen debt hit. I did break one of my planner's golden rules by having an uphill run to the finish in the chase, but I don't think it was too arduous! Thanks to all of the helpers on the day, particularly the control hangers and collectors who were quick and efficient, and to Simon, Jake, Jon and Dave for putting together another great JOK event.

Ollie O'Brien (JOK & SLOW)