JOK Chasing Sprint 2014

The 2014 JOK Chasing Sprint will take place on Friday 17th October 2014, alongside the second weekend of Race The Castles. The Chasing Sprint complements classic races in Balmoral Forest and Forvie Dunes, making a long weekend of three contrasting events.

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Event Information

Venue: Birsemore Hill, nr Aboyne (see Google Maps Location)

Terrain: Predominantly open coniferous forest with significant contour and rock detail - perfect for technical orienteering! The previous map gives a taste of the terrain on offer.

Format: Be aware that the JOK chasing sprint was created long before sprint means what it does today. Winning times are aimed at twice the length of current day sprints and you should expect full on technicality.

The race uses a Prologue and Chase format. Your time for the Prologue is added to a base time to determine your Chase start time. First over the line in the Chase is victorious! Winning times of around 50 minutes total for prologue and chase combined.

Courses: Men's and Women's Open, 40+, 55+ and 16-. The courses will use the best parts of Birsemore and so the main assembly area will be remote from the car parking. All courses are at full technical difficulty.

Provisional Course Details

Courses Prologue Chase
MO 4.1k 115m 12c 3.8k 165m 12c
M40+, WO 3.2k 60m 7c 3.1k 120m 9c
M55+ W40+, M/W16- 2.8k 70m 8c 2.4k 70m 8c
W55+ 2.3k 60m 7c 2.1k 60m 8c

Punching system: SportIdent

Start Times: Prologue starts will be from 12noon to 1.30pm, with the Chase from around 3pm onwards.

Entries: Online entry now closed. For late entries, email the organiser before Wednesday 15th October to reserve a map.

Late Entry Fees: Seniors £12. Juniors & Students £7. SI Card Hire £1.00.

Organiser - Ian Webb JOK/SLOW - secretary (at) jok (dot) org (dot) uk
Planner - Eddie Harwood JOK/MOR
Controller - Neil McLean GRAMP