2014 Chasing Sprint - Planner's Notes

Planner's Notes

The areas used for the prologue and the chase are very different but both are a joy to run in and provide a high level of technical difficulty. There is very little seasonal vegetation to detract from the courses. The area is interestingly contoured throughout but the courses do not have excessive or steep climbs.

The prologue generally has many open areas with a number of small paths most of which are easily missed on the ground. Underfoot varies from fast soft going to some heather the most significant of which is reserved for men’s open.

The sprint is mostly very runnable mature scots pine with some areas affected by forest workings a few years ago. Rock features abound. Whilst the prologue has easily missable paths, there is a broken wall across the chase area which can be crossed at some points without noticing it.

We have no desire to disqualify anyone so beware that there are two controls on the chase on similar crags which are about 100m apart. For some this is met on the penultimate control so don’t allow the panic of the chase to ignore the basic techniques.