Chasing Sprint 2018 Officials' Comments

Organiser’s / Planner’s Comments

I first had the idea of using two adjacent but contrasting areas of Delamere for a JOK Chasing sprint over two years ago, but an initial inspection quickly concluded this would not be possible without a major map revision of Pale Heights. When Steve Ingleby completed such in late 2016 the event became possible.

The event had to be in early spring, before the nettles which grow under some of the woods on Pale Heights re-emerged. I wanted a weekend with another event nearby to help encourage those from farther afield to travel, and without nearby clashes. When registered, this all fitted nicely. I suspect we lost a few entries when Scottish Spring subsequently settled on the same weekend, as that formed part of the Elite league.

I volunteered to plan and make local arrangements and requested another JOK-er take on the role of Organiser, to sort out helpers and duties etc. Unfortunately this did not come to pass and I ended up filling both roles by default.

Entries were a bit slow in coming, and I was getting a little concerned until the late flurry arrived, which in the end took us to 91, against my original hope / expectation of 100 – 150. The slow start led to the decision to reduce the number of courses.

The nature of the two areas meant that to enable everyone to use the best bits the planning style was more “relay gaffles” than completely separate courses, and for this reason I decided not to offer loose control descriptions.

Everything seemed to go very smoothly on the day, thanks to the helpers who cheerfully and efficiently fulfilled their duties.

Working with Ian Gilliver as Controller was a pleasure. He offered constructive advice, questions and guidance without undue interference, and the event improved as a result. Steve Ingleby was most helpful and responsive in addressing the few map adjustments we requested.

I must also thank all helpers from both far and near, including my supportive family. Many had both DEE and JOK affiliations, and there were even a couple of DRONGOs ! In addition to those assisting on the day, Barry Barnes was most helpful in facilitating access arrangements with the Forestry Commission.

I must also thank DEE for the loan of almost all the equipment used at the event, and also SROC for the use of their tunnel tent as well.

Finally, I would like to thank all participants for entering, and I hope you enjoyed it.

John Embrey

Controller’s Comments

I suspect only John Embrey's wife Jacky has a better idea than I of just how much work John put into the Planning and Organisation of the JOK Chasing Sprints.

He spotted the potential of a single Assembly area, offering access to two parts of Delamere Forest which provided quite different challenges for Prologue and The Chase.

He planned courses which made best use of the runnable and detailed parts of those areas and, by locating the Start of The Chase up the hill, reduced climb to a reasonable amount.

My role as Controller was more to confirm that John had got everything right in planning the courses and taping the sites than reviewing what he had done and correcting mistakes - I barely needed to make a comment.

Steve Ingleby, having completed a comprehensive update of the Pale Heights area used in The Chase, was on hand to take note of the observations that John and I had made on the Linmere (Prologue) part of the map and readily made the several changes that were appropriate for the event and for future use of the area.

The Organisation on the day went without fault due to John's diligence in thinking through every aspect of what was required and passing his instructions on to willing helpers from DEE and JOK, not least of which were other members of the Embrey family.

Thank you all for contributing to the success of the day.

Ian Gilliver