Green Belt Way results

The Southern loop of Jon Cross; Peter Huzan; Liz Cross; Liz Cross (again!) and Jon Marsden won against the Northern loop run by Ed Catmur; Luke McNeill; Steve Fisher; Scott Collier and Stewart Dutsfield in a time of 3 hours 52 minutes for 40km and 345m of climb. The time for the Northern loop was 4 hours 27 minutes 51 for 44km and 225m of climb.

Both Liz and Scott had their distance more or less doubled from the original plans and Liz even cycled Jon M's bike to the finish in addition. Daniel appeared to want to take his mother on another 14km of running around the pub car park in all directions after that! Thanks for the heroic efforts. Thanks also to those who ran early as this allowed people who needed to get away promptly to take part. The bypass was bathed in a strange orange light as I drove over to the start (sunrise!).

Thanks to Roger for ferrying and timing on the Northern loop and therefore not doing as much cycling as he might have liked.

Both Scott and Steve substantially beat their predicted times. Freya was oblivious to her father beating the schedule but impressed by the horse at the Thrupp changeover. Her mother had to deal with requests to go 'back horse' for the rest of the day (and beyond for all I know)!

Jon Cross was very close to his predicted time but faces strong competition from Liz who was within 2 seconds of the predicted time for the Abingdon to Radley leg - pity that was a prediction for Ant!

Overall, all good fun and worth doing again. Perhaps OUOC can be persuaded to get out of bed another time?! TVOC might also want to join in.