Varsity Match 2011

With some nice spring weather (there had been snow in the Czech Republic about two weeks before that!), we had a great few days training on sandstone areas, getting used to the terrain and glad that we had some opportunity to do that before going on to the race.

The race was held on Supi Hora in Strezivojice. In the main race, the victors were the Oxford men (Hodkinson, Cherry, Stevens, Potesil) in 5:07:18 versus Cambridge's 5:30:28 and the Cambridge women (Rocke, Stevens, Strakova) in 3:06:59 versus Oxford's 3:56:55. The individual winners were Peter Hodikinson, Oxford (2nd Matt Halliday CAM, 3rd Alan Cherry OXF, but all beaten by Czech guest runner Pavel Prochazka) and Mairead Rocke, Cambridge (2nd Vicky Stevens CAM, 3rd Anne Edwards OXF).

In the JOK versus DrongO race, counting 2 men and 1 woman, the JOK team of Catmur, Marsden, Sinclair defeated the DrongO team of Buxton, Collis, Collis by about 35 minutes. The 40th annivesary trophies for the best alumnus/alumna performances were awarded in their iangural year to Ed Catmur and Blanka Collis.

The beer race trophy was won by Oxford.

Full results, including the relays, Routegadget, splits, etc., can be found on and will in due course be on the DrongO website, as will undoubtedly be some photos.

See you in the forest somewhere,