Varsity Match 2004

Varsity Match 2004
7th and 8th of February
Final Details


After battling with the arrangements for the World Cup in 2005 the VM 2004 finally has approval to use two suitable areas - hooray. Below are the details of the event as they stand at the moment - this page will be updated regularly (see the update date at the bottom of the page) as I have more information to put on it.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to drop me an email (my details are at the bottom of this page) and I'll get back to you ASAP.

All the best


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Varsity Match Individual Day - Wimbledon Common - 7th February 2004

Travel & Parking

N.B The event can only be approached from the North East
The event will be signed off the A3 by the roehampton Vale Center marked by the big green square on the map below.

The Parking will be by the Thames Hare and Hounds Club House (marked Pav in the picture above) - it may be fairly busy with footballers but there should be ample space for us all.

Assembly Area

We have been lucky to be given use of the Thames Hare and Hounds club house as assembly area and for changing/showering after the event. Follow the tapes from the car park to the entrance!

The start and finish will be a 5 minute walk/jog on the other side of the sports pitches - at the War Memorial shown on the map above. The route to the start/finish area will be taped.

Download will be in the warmth and comfort of the Thames H&H club house.


Overprinted, 1:10,000 map, 5m contours, control descriptions will be stuck to the front of the map covering the legend.

Electronic Punching

SportIdent will be used for all courses. SI cards will be available for hire at £1. Please indicate if you need to hire a SI card on your entry form.


Wimbledon Common is a large relatively flat area of public common land popular with local dog walkers and horse riders. It has areas of relatively interesting technicality and should make for very pleasant courses. If the weather has been bad then the paths tend to get rather muddy.

Orienteers are reminded that horses (and their riders) are easily spooked by people in bright coloured clothing jumping out of the undergrowth at them. Please treat them with respect and slow to a walk to pass them if appropriate.

N.B. The golf course is out of bounds - this will NOT be marked on maps for clarity's sake.

Course Details

Course Category Length Climb No. Controls
1 Men's A 11.4k 130m 29
2 Men's B 7.2k 100m 20
3 Men's C 5.4k 75m 15
4 Women's A 7.2k 100m 20
5 Women's B 5.4k 75m 15


Varsity Match - Each university is allowed to enter six competitors on Mens A and B and five on Womens A. The fastest 4 mens times for Mens A and B, and three womens times for Womens A, for each university are added together. The university with the lowest time wins that course. The varsity match is won by the university who have won the majority of courses.

JOK/DRONGO - The times of the fastest 4 men added to the times of the fastest 3 women for each club on the A course.

Start Times

Varsity Match - competitors will be between 13:30 and 14:40. Competitors on each course will be started at 6 minute intervals, alternating Oxford and Cambridge

JOK/DRONGO - starts for JOK/DRONGO competitors are either before or after the VM competitors (from 13:00 to 13:20) or after the VM competitors (from 14:45 to 15:00). Competitors on each course will be started at 3 minute intervals.

Start lists will be published here by the 5th of Feb.

For all courses call-up will be at -3 minutes. Control Descriptions will be available at -2 minutes


Entries should be emailed to Nicola King using a special form by Monday the 2nd of February.

Click here to access the entry form (This form covers the Ind Event, Evening Social, Overnight Accommodation and Relay participation - Which actual relay team you're in is covered in by the Relay entry form in the Relays section!).


Results and SI splits will be posted here as soon as possible after the event.

Accommodation & Social


We are using the Barnes RAF Club hut to sleep in overnight.

This is sited on Queen Elizabeth Walk between the Red Lion Pub and the Barnes Wetland Centre in the middle of Barnes - this is a 15-25 minute drive from the individual event parking (depending on traffic!)


The hut has toilets but no showers. You are advised to shower at the Thames Hare and Hounds Club Hut straight after your run.

The hut doesn't have beds so you need to bring sleeping bags and floor mats. Please do not wear muddy shoes in the hut.

Meals and Evening Entz

We've arranged for hot buffed style supper to be served in the Sheen Club (third hut in the row - the one after the Brownies Hut!) from 7pm. This is also the venue for the evening entz and prize giving ceremony and should be open from about 6pm. There's a cheap bar in the Sheen Club (open all evening until 12pm for us!)

The prize-giving will be at 7.30pm. Can everyone who has a trophy please remember to bring it with them.

Starting at about 8 until midnight will be a cheesy disco

The Boat Race

This will be held at approx 9.30pm on the Saturday night outside the Sheen Club. Teams should consist of 8 members (who all down pints) and a cox (who downs a half). Each team must contain at least one woman (who is not necessarily the cox). Beer will be provided!

Other Info

If you find you have time on your hands in-between the event and the evening stuff then here's some suggestions:

  1. The Barnes Wetland Centre
  2. Barnes town centre is full of nice shops and you're only a short walk away from the lovely river Thames
  3. If you're really bored you could always help the organiser after the event - collecting in controls, packing up tents etc.
  4. Organise yourself into Relay teams - relay teams have to be handed to Nicola King or Dave Currie by 8 pm on the Sat night
  5. Get in some beer drinking practice in preparation for the Boat Race

The morning after the night before

Breakfast will be served in the Sheen Club from 8.30 to 9.30.

There will be food laid out to make packed lunch for the Sunday.

Huts should be vacated by 10.00 am and should be clean and tidy.

Varsity Match Relays - The Nower, Dorking - 8th February 2004

Travel & Parking

The event will be signed from the roundabout at the southern edge of Dorking (see map below) on the A24 approx 45 mins to 1 hr from the overnight accommodation.

Electronic Punching

SportIdent will be used for all courses. SI cards will be available for hire at £1.


Overprinted 1:5,000 5m contours


A fast hilly little area with some good bits of technical interest.


Teams should be mixed sex teams. Each team will run the following legs:

Leg Class Distance
1 Long 5.4km
2 Medium 4.5km
3 Short 2.8km

Legs will be gaffled to minimise following. The Long and Medium courses will use two maps - make sure you do the first half of the course first! Maps will be bagged and handed out to runners at change over time. Control descriptions will be on the map - there won't be any loose ones available.

Teams will not have race numbers so please remember who is in your team ready for the handover!

Start Times

All teams will start with a mass start at 11.30 am. Competitors are advised to be at the start area by 11.15 for the handover procedure demo and to cheer off the first legs!

The Start/Finish/handover will be in an open area about 5 minutes walk from the car park - please bring something warm with you when you come to the start.


Entries should be handed to Nicola King or Dave Currie by 8 pm on the Saturday night:

Click here for the relay team declaration forms. Blank forms will be available in the RAF Club Hut on the Saturday.


Results and split times will be posted here as soon as possible

Other Information


At the end of the event once everything has been added up the cost from the event will be collected through OUOC / CUOC / JOK / DRONGO.

Entering part of the event

Competitors are welcome to come to just part of the event - Individual, Social, Overnight accommodation and Relays. Just indicate what you're coming for on the Individual entry form.


Planner & Organiser - Nicola King (

Controller - Andy Robinson (SLOW)


Many thanks to the following without whom this event could not take place:

  • SLOW for use of their areas and equipment
  • Andy Robinson for being impromptu controller
  • Thames Hare and Hounds for the use of their club hut
  • Barnes RAF ATC for use of their hut
  • June at The Sheen Club and The Witches Kitchen
  • Mike Garvin, Caroline Catmuir and Ruth King - my able assistants!
  • Dave and Christine Currie for all their help with the SI and to Stephan Kramer for the relay software
  • The landowners at both Wimbledon Common and The Nower

All competitors take place at their own risk