Varsity Match 2004 Results

Organiser's Comments

As I sit here now the remaining acoutrements from the VM all cleared away the whole weekend is gradually acquiring a rather rosy glow in my mind. Gone now are the moments of stress mostly associated with the question "Will the controls get to the sites before the competitors" gone too are those nasty nagging thoughts of "what have I forgotten". In retrospect it all seemed rather fun and plesant and to be honest for 99.9% of the time my whole 'organising the VM' experience has been just that.

To be honest though it's also a huge amount of work - effectively acting as planner and organiser for 2 events on consecutive days isn't something that most club orienteers would consider suggesting let alone taking on themselves. Added to that the excitement of my first brushes with OCAD 8 course planning software and SI.....well I must have been bonkers to volunteer myself.

In the end it all went amazingly well - mostly due to the wonderful people who helped - both in advance and on the day. The main helpers have been officially recognised and know how much I appreciate everything that they did. I would also like to particularly thank those that did dull jobs without hesitation when I asked - like sitting with the 'yoofs' at control 160 on the relays (Tim Day, Pete Huzan and Phil Marsland) and monitoring the finish on the individual day (Jenny Thomas). Added to that all the lovely people who collected in controls - especially Tim Smith, Jon Marsden and Dave Currie who were very brave and ventured out on Wimbledon Common in the pitch black to collect in the one last forgotten control.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the VM 04 as much as I did - I will do it again one day.....



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