Final Details

35th Orienteering Varsity Match

25-26th February 2006

Leith Hill and Holmbury Hill, Dorking

Dear Varsity Orienteers,

Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Phil Marsland


07770 694356

Event Outlines:

Varsity Match - the "traditional" 3 courses, with the trophies to be decided on the "A" courses:

Men's A 8.9km, 235m climb difficult
Women's A, Men's B 5.6km, 175m difficult
Women's B, Men's C 3.8km, 95m less difficult

Varsity Match Relay - one relay category, with teams comprising of one each of:

  • Long (5.7km, 105m),
  • Medium (4.6km, 75m), and
  • Short (3.8km, 50m) leg.


Accommodation has been arranged at the Holmbury St Mary Youth Hostel, Radnor Lane, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6NW. (location TQ104450). Emergency tel: 01306 730777. Varsity Match orienteers, alumni and guests will have exclusive access to the hostel from the Friday evening to the Sunday lunchtime. The Social will be held on site, and the Varsity Match Relays changeover area will be adjacent to the Hostel. It is a short drive away from the individual event, and features warm showers, beds and ample cooking areas. Accommodation is strictly limited to the number of beds available (52), and will be allocated on a first-come-first served basis according to entries received. 48 beds for the Saturday night have been claimed, so only 4 left at time of writing! The accommodation is unfortunately not especially child-friendly. Please check that you are on the list below if you're expecting to stay over on the Saturday night. Friday night accommodation on the other hand is wide open - there will be several folk there (mostly JOK), but most beds will be empty - come early and reserve a quiet one for Saturday!


We intend to provide a basic pasta-based meal (with veggie source option) to all those staying in the hostel. Please e-mail me if not staying but wishing to be included, so that we get the numbers right. Tim and Tony are kindly arranging further 'disco' entertainment in the hostel for after the meal. Please note that it is a condition of usage of the hostel that there is no music or other noise after midnight. At no time will excessive or rude behaviour towards the Manager and others there be tolerated. Action has been taken previously against those who have seen fit to ignore this point there - you have been warned!


Entry fees are still tbd, and will collected via CUOC, OUOC, DRONGO, JOK. The accommodation has been booked on a fixed cost basis for the weekend, so anyone wishing to stay on the Friday night in addition to the Saturday is more than welcome to do so.

Start Times

Saturday - Varsity Match 1030-1136, Alumni and Guests 1300-1400.

Provisional start times have been allocated - please see the list below. There are lots of open slots for those who wish to start earlier than the times allocated in the Alumni/Guest block, which commences after the expected Varsity Match finish time.

Please note that the VM itself should produce great spectator viewing, especially 1200-1300.

Sunday - Varsity Match Relay - Mass Start 1030. For those staying in the hostel, please pack up before the race, though, at the discretion of the hostel Manager, it should be possible to return to get changed after the Relay race is completed.


Entries have now closed. Any late entry is subject to the availability of maps. Please contact me, and see also the note regarding availability of accommodation above.

To enter, please e-mail me (subject "VM entry", to the following information:

  • Name
  • SI card number (or indicate "hire")
  • Course (MA, MB, MC, WA, WB)
  • Accommodation requirements (F, S, FS, none) (and numbers of people, if not just runners)
  • Dietary requirements
  • Relay entry required?

Relay Teams

Teams will be decided at the Social. Please contact me if you wish to run in the Relay but do not intend at attend the social.

Travel Directions for Individual Event

The Leith Hill car park we will use is the Starvealls Car Park, which is located on the western side of the competition area at TQ130433. This is a public car park, and gets quite busy on sunny weekend days. There is a small amount of overflow car parking, if necessary, 100m south of this on the other side of the road. The main car park has a 2m height restriction, so minibuses may need to park in the overflow area. If approaching from the North, minibuses may pull over off the main road by Assembly, 400m north of the car park, to set down competitors only (at the sign "High Ashes Farm") but must not park there. Please follow tapes to Assembly, and keep to the path whilst doing so. Please see attached map for overall location.

Travel Directions for Relay Event

The Relay Assembly and Changeover area is 150m West of the public car park at the south end of the hostel.


Toilets are unlikely to be available for the Individual Event - we are still investigating options, but unfortunately providers would ask us to be responsible for them from Friday to Monday, and would have to place them in very prominent public locations. Please note that the nearest loos will therefore be several miles away. Toilets will, of course, be available at the Youth Hostel and so are not an issue for the Relay Event.

Electronic Punching

SportIdent will be used for both events. Please indicate SI number or any requirement to hire SI cards in entries.

Individual Course and Start notes

Courses all cross a variety of terrain, including repeated visits to the areas of complex contour detail. The map is A3, and will be pre-printed and bagged. The scale is 1:7 500, maximising visibility of this detail.

The Mens A course has a map exchange, requiring competitors to return to the start/finish area approximately halfway through their course. Having punched control 16, competitors are to navigate 80m North into the Assembly area, deposit their Part 1 map, and collect their Part 2 map, before exiting as they did for the start. There is no punch at the map exchange point. At the end of Part 2, both the final control and the finish point are different from those at the end of Part 1 - it is suggested that competitors please familiarise themselves with the attached sketch to avoid embarrassment!

The Womens A / Mens B course has no map exchange. Please note that getting a course of his length into this area without a map exchange has required some looping (actually more of a 'death spiral'). Please take care to ensure that you are visiting the controls in the prescribed order.

For both Womens A / Mens B and Womens B / Mens C courses, the line to the first control passes close to the last control. Again, please ensure in particular that you set off to control number 1 rather than towards the penultimate control!

Blank maps and loose control descriptions (pictorial) will be available in the start lanes. Call up will be at -3 mins.

Please feel free to warm up in the forest to the West and North of the Assembly area, but the forest to the East and South are Out Of Bounds.

Relay Course notes

Holmbury is particularly open and quick at this time of year, and, as those with hangovers may appreciate, refreshingly free of the intricate contour detail challenge posed at Leith Hill. The map is A4, pre-printed and bagged, is at scale 1:15 000 (take note of this!). Please note that there is no Legend on the Relay map. Please review the blank maps available beforehand if you feel that you may be unfamiliar with any symbols used. There are North lines, but with no arrows. The over-printing is, however, oriented as usual, so this should not be confusing. Courses have been gaffled in the usual way. For the Medium and Short legs, please ignore the OCAD-generated control description course summary indicating 105m of climb - this applies to the Long leg only. For legs 2 and 3, please be aware that you should be able to observe incoming runners for at least the 150m from the last control prior to the finish, but you will have no other prior indication of their impending arrival - be ready or annoy your team-mates! Maps will be numbered with team and then leg numbers. No peeking until after you have started! As you would expect, loose control descriptions will not be available for the Relay.

Safety and Other Notices

Despite some precautions that have been taken, Mountain Bikers are likely to be encountered on both days - please take care when running at speed around blind corners. A few competitors may encounter MTBO competitors on the Sunday, but this is judged to be relatively unlikely.

The Individual Event Start and Map Exchange area is at the foot of a 3m crag, which will be taped. Whilst courses have been planned to avoid approaching from above, please take care if you somehow come in from the wrong direction!

Out Of Bounds areas are clearly marked on both maps - please stay clear, orienteering access to these great areas relies, in part, on our adhering to this.

Acknowledgements (excluding JOKers)

  • Julie and Ronan Cleary (LOK) for maps, access and advice.
  • Simon Ling (MV) for stepping in at late notice, and still managing to visit and offer advice on control sites not only for the Individual Event but for the Relay Event also.
  • Chris Fry (SLOW) for agreeing to step in at late notice to act as Controller for the Individual Event.
  • Plus early entrants for pointing out lots of extra useful stuff!