Varsity Match 2008

Blurb from Rob

Rob and Boris thank everyone again for coming and making our work so worthwhile. We had a great time putting the event on. I hope you all had as good a time being here. Thanks also to all those who helped out, some of whom were (not necessarily in order of appearance)... Klara, Göte, Albin, Mandus, Erik, Torun, Teres, Simon, Mikael, Helena, Nisse, Peter, Lasse, m.fl.



The provisional program for the week (from Tuesday to Sunday). Might be of interest to see how the reality compared!

Rob's technique tips for Lunsen; see also his notes on interpreting the map.

The following might also be of interest to future visitors...

Concerning the banquet, there seems to be some idea that alcohol is unavailable and/or ridiculously expensive in Sweden. The former is certainly not the case, the latter a matter of opinion. There is a state-run monopoly which sells the stuff, Systembolaget. You can check out what's available, and prices, through their search function. Go to, choose "UPPSALA, Svava" from the drop-down list of shops, and then stick in "Bishops Finger" in the box above (where it says "Namn / ... ) and press enter. Hey presto, all you wanted to know and more about the quality, availability, and price of Bishops Finger in Uppsala town-centre offie (so to speak). So to cut to the chase, the plan is to let you guys fix your own booze for the party. Of course, this may be tricky for the students travelling in the bus; but there should be plenty of others willing to take a to 'systemet' and help out.