Varsity Match 2008 Provisional Program

Collection from airport and deliver to KG. Boris to meet at KG.
Some people will probably get there earlier. Coming on the website for those coming by public transport: (a) map of downtown Uppsala with the walk from Centralstationen to Stora Torget marked (b) link to the schedule of bus #7 and the name of the stop (Malma Bergsvägen)
(c) for clubhouse door code contact Boris or Rob.
Rob and Boris lay on milk, cereal, bread, butter, jam, tea, coffee, sugar, juice, fruit.

10.00 Bus leaves KG, drives 15 minutes to first training.
There are two options for training. One is a number of controls and course options spread over a wide area, principally designed for elite training. The other is a technique training exercise where you pair up and take different route choice options on each leg (one takes an 'easier' round route, the other goes straight) on a course with plenty of controls and fairly short legs. It is intended to help you learn how to orienteer on this type of terrain. We need numbers by Monday night, at least approximately. (Rob planned the second option and recommends it!)

12.15 Return to KG, Lunch, also laid on by Rob and Boris. (As above, plus cheese?)

14.45 Bus leaves KG, drives 35 minutes to next training.
This is a 'standard' training with a small range of courses to choose from. There is also an option to do this training at night, as there are reflectors out. We need numbers of night runners by Monday night.

17.15 Return to KG, Evening meal
I guess from this meal on you (students and guests) will be fixing your own food. There is a supermarket about quarter of a mile from KG.

18.00 Departure for those doing the 'night' version of the afternoon training (in cars with Linné members). Back at KG around 20.30.

Training on Nåsten (clubhouse map) whenever you want to. This is also a standard training with controls and a small range of courses. Tourist stuff possible, for instance a bus to town, train to Stockholm and walk to the The Vasa Museum.

Other options for the afternoon include testing one of Mats Troeng's famous 'ultrasprint' races (map at 1:1000) near the clubhouse, if there is enough interest. There is club intervals and circuit training near the clubhouse in the evening (18.00 start) followed by floorball (might be fun to come and watch; having a go is NOT recommended as the season's first game usually leads to seized up hamstrings for the next two days).

For further ideas talk to Boris, Rob, or Kat.

The Varsity Match. Leave KG (bus) 9.30. Guests run first, then 2nd and 3rd teams, then 1st teams. While the first teams are running, the rest of us barbecue our lunch and watch the drama unfold (there is a spectator control approximately half-way round the courses). So, students and guests, you need to buy stuff for lunch (including barbecue) in advance. We will provide wood.

16.00 (provisional). The bus picks everyone up and we return to KG.

?? Time Banquet. A few details need sorting here.

11.00. Relay. Otherwise free.
Optional: ultrasprint training at Kung Björn's Hill, just for fun. Boris will try to get maps with the course from DX Deluxe 2005.
?? 6.00. Travel to Måsenstafetten. Bus from there straight to the airport.