1. NAME The club shall be called Jesus Orienteering Klubb. This may be abbreviated to J. O. K. .
  2. AIMS The club shall exist to further social and sporting links between orienteers who have been students at Oxford University.
    1. Ordinary Membership: Ordinary membership shall be available only to matriculated members of Oxford University.
    2. Honorary Membership: Individuals who are not matriculated members of Oxford University may be elected as honorary members. Each candidate for honorary membership must have or have had a strong personal association with Oxford University Orienteering Club, and their election must be approved by a simple majority at a general meeting. No honorary member shall be elected if the total number of honorary members immediately after their election would exceed 10% of the total membership of the club. Once elected, honorary members shall pay any membership fee specified for ordinary members, and they shall possess all the rights, privileges and liabilities of ordinary membership.
  4. COMMITTEE The committee should communicate regularly which may be face to face or via other means.
    1. Composition: The committee shall consist of a president, a secretary and a treasurer. Up to four further members may be elected as committee members, provided that the committee is not more than 10% of the club.
    2. Elections: Members of the committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting of the club. Elections will be on a `first past the post' system. The president, secretary and treasurer shall be elected first in that order, with unsucessful candidates for one post able to stand for a subsequent post: the remaining committee members shall then be elected.
    3. Term of office: Members of the committee shall hold office for one year. None of the posts of president, secretary and treasurer may not be held by one person for more than three successive years. If a committee member is unable to complete his/her term of office the committee may choose a successor to fill the post until the next A.G.M..
  5. ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP An active member of the club shall be defined as any club member that has a transaction recorded in the club accounts for a given year between two AGM's. The treasurer shall include this number for the preceding year in their annual report.
  6. GENERAL MEETING The club shall hold an annual general meeting. If a petition for an extraordinary general meeting is presented to the president bearing the signatures of more than 25% of the membership or 25 members (whichever number is the smaller), an extraordinary general meeting shall be held within two months.
    1. Notice: One month's notice shall be given of any general meeting.
    2. Changes to the Constitution: These may only be made at a quorate general meeting, with notice having been given of the change with notice of the meeting, and then only if passed by a two-thirds majority at the meeting.
    3. Quorum: The quorum for a general meeting shall be 25% of the active membership for the preceding year between two AGM's, or 20 members, whichever is the smaller number.