JOK Chasing Sprint 2007 Comments

Organiser's Comments

Organising the JOK chasing sprint is always a fairly complicated event - however as many of you know this year was doubly complicated by the change of venue with aproximately 6 weeks to go. What many of you probably do not realise is that we actually only got land permission 24 hrs before the event. My thanks go to Neil Lewer (MV) and Amy Sarkies & Mike Hamilton of British Orienteering for all their help with ensuring that we got all the paperwork we needed to the right people in that final week, and to the Banstead Heath Conservators for allowing us to hold the Chasing Sprint on their area.

The two races in one day format places significant pressures on all the helpers at the event. In particular I would like to thank Jon Marsden for his work on the SI (including the programming associated with the time subtraction in the prologue). The teams at both starts did a great job - in particular Duncan Archer's team at the Chase start who ensured that you all got off at the right second. All the 25 helpers from JOK - many of whom travelled from darkest Scotland - were fantastic. Not only did they do all the jobs asked of them, but invariably hundreds of little jobs that make the running of this sort of event go smoothly - everything from sitting at the radio control of the chase, through doing the commentary, collecting in maps to setting up the out of bounds signs around the assembly area. The event couldn't happen without the fantastic support of all the helpers.

The two other members of the main event team have been great to work with. Sue has been an absolute pleasure with a light-touch guiding at the right moments - just what an organiser needs. Nick produced great courses on an awkward area that seemed to make you all happy - he also provided me with invaluable support (frequently late at night). Many thanks to you both.

My final thanks go to my mum,Chris King, and to James Morris, my 'other half'. Both worked hard helping set up the event from early morning on the day, and have borne my stress and irrational demands over the last few weeks.

Nicola King, JOK

Planner's Comments

A tricky little area to plan on with an awkward wedge of yellow to sprint across at the end. I hope you enjoyed the technical parts before you hit the cross-country running course! I wanted a convenient set up and the Final Start being by the finish was good for commentary and spectating. The vegetation was a bit tricky in places with the rough open looking a bit like white in places, green areas that have whitened up a bit, and brambles which had spread and brambles which were were cleared or very low at this time of year as to not impede running. I feel I got the most out of the area and hope to see you all next year for more Chasing Sprint Action! Bring your friends.

Many thanks for Susan Marsden the controller, who chivvyed me along highly efficiently, and her team of control checkers, especially Helen Pearce, who sorted the warm-up map. We hope you appreciated this little map and hope more events think to provide this in future!

Nicky King is a superb organiser and thanks to her for being efficient and so much in control of a slippery little event which was trying hard to unorganise itself!

Nick Barrable, JOK

Controller's Comments

On a damp Saturday morning JOKers from all corners of Great Britain descended on Banstead Heath to help run the annual JOK Chasing Sprint. Nicola did a superb job marshalling these helpers and ensuring that a complicated format ran to time. The prize giving was actually early. I hope you enjoyed Nick’s courses and agree that he managed to use the area to its best changing from longer fairly straightforward legs to shorter control picking legs. The cross country uphill ending was not for the less fit.

I am sure JOK will be pleased to see you next year in a completely different part of the country competing for those Flying Pigs.

Susan Marsden, HH